Pricing and Quote Information

Since each job is unique and not created from a template, it is best that you call me or email to discuss the details of your job so I can provide you with a firm quote for you book.

Information I need to give you a FREE quote:

Page Trim Size and Length of Manuscript
Page trim size refers to the actual physical size of the book once it is printed. Length of manuscript refers to the word count of your book before it is professionally typeset. Typical book sizes are 5 x 8, 6 x 9, and 8.5 x 11.

Graphics, Pictures, Charts and Tables
Will your book be text only or will it contain photographs and tables? If so, about how many? Do you have illustrations, photos and captions?

Color or Black and White
Will your book print all in black ink or will some or all of the pages have color?

Cover Design
Do you have a cover already designed or will you need one? Covers for print include the front, back and spine of the cover.

Deadlines and Schedules
What is your proposed start date and “to print” date?

How a Book is Made

When your book goes into production, the first step is the design, or the “look and feel” of your book. For most book design projects, you will be presented with two design choices for page layout for your chapter treatments, footers, headers, text, margins, front matter, and all the elements that will make up your book.

Once you approve a design, your book is professionally formatted and typeset using state-of-the-art, industry-standard software such as inDesign or Quark Xpress. You are provided with Acrobat PDF files for proofing purposes, or you can print out hard copies to mark up and edit “the old fashioned way.”

After you have reviewed the book proof and all corrections, fixes and changes have been made, your book is ready to go to the printer and a hi res PDF file will be created to your printer’s specifications.

Creating a book is a very specialized service that requires someone with the know-how and experience
to do the job for you right the first time.

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